Co-Director Danielle Marie also known as Danni, had a vision to create an experience where not only her valued clients leave with a gorgeous tan, but leave feeling empowered and releasing their inner goddess.

No stranger to the tanning industry, Danni is a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Model, and Ambassador. She has worked overseas and around New Zealand for Major Events, TV Commercials, Video Clips, and was a top20 finalist for Miss Universe NZ in 2017. All the while wearing only the best tanning products in the industry.


Because of her experience, Danni knows all too well the importance of a beautiful, natural tan, needed for all occasions and would never recommend anything less than what she herself would wear for such events.

Her Co-Director Shane Colombus is just as invested in delivering nothing but top-quality tanning products, and is focused on delivering luxury service, with the clients as the focus point.

“Never underestimate the power of a tan”.

– Bronzed Goddess



Danni is also a qualified life coach and knows first-hand the difference it makes in her clients on how they feel about themselves.

She takes great pride in knowing that women of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds, walk out the door feeling much more confident, empowered, body proud and radiant.

“It’s not just about the tan, it’s about imprinting my knowledge as a qualified life coach into each and every woman in the space of their appointment, to let them know how beautiful they are. To plant that seed into their mind so it continues to grow as they walk out that door”. – Danni

We look forward to welcoming you into our dedicated salon and having you walk out a beautiful Bronzed Goddess.

Co-Founders and Directors
Shane Colombus & Danielle Marie