Tanning Tips


To get the best results for a spray tan, your preparation and after care is everything.

Your skin is your biggest organ, and any spray tan is only going to stay on the skin, for as long as the cells that have been sprayed stay put. For this reason, it is crucial you ex-foliate extremely well before your tan, so the freshest skin cells are available to be tanned.

We recommend our beautiful Body Rough scrub that can be purchased in store. It is all organic and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


 -  Waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours prior to your spray tan to ensure your pores are closed.

-  On the day of your spray tan ensure you are wearing NO moisturiser, deodorant or perfume.

-  Remove make up for greater, even results on your face. This can be done in store if you ask one of our friendly staff for a make-up wipe.

- If you have had a previous tan, please make sure you have exfoliated your excess tan, for a smoother flawless finish. You can purchase tan remover or exfoliator in store.

-  Please tie your hair off your face to ensure we reach all areas around your neck and shoulders. You can also purchase hairnets at our counter if you would like to protect your hair.


- Do not get any water, moisturisers, deodorant or product of any kind on your skin until AFTER you have had your first shower. Your first shower will be dependent on which processing time you have chosen, 1hour/2hour/8hour etc.

-  Bring loose clothing to wear after your tan has been applied, this will prevent leaving marks on your body and will help it to dry more evenly.

-  Do not do any form of exercise where it may cause you to sweat which will cause your tan to run or go streaky before your first shower at the recommended time.

-  Chlorinated pools and salt water are fine, but it will reduce the life of your tan.

-  Tan extender will help prolong the life of your tan while keeping it fresh and feeling smooth. We have a beautiful range in store that you will love.


Yes, it’s completely safe. DHA is made up of sugar cane and in the 40 years of its use, there have been no problems.
For any further information or questions please email us at info@bronzedgoddess.co.nz
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