Self Tan Foam - Onyx Sunset (Dark Ash) 200ml

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Colour from nature, infused with aniseed & raw Brazilian coffee bean

Onyxsunset Glo+ is pure colour from nature exposing the purest colour tones from grounded earth botanicals with deep long-wearing results. Born in the Brazilian sunset, infused with aniseed and raw Brazilian coffee beans to stimulate mood, skin condition and ultra colour depth. It's the purest highest quality ash base tan on the planet representing the long-wearing results of south American summers. 

A sunless tan-and-skincare hybrid, the all-in-one Bronze GLO+ range evens skin tone, hydrates, nourishes, and helps you GLO. The lightweight formula glides on smooth, leaving a flawless finish with less than 1% transfer to clothing, sheets or materials. It’s designed to enhance your complexion, not conceal it — for a Glo so natural that it looks like you’re not even wearing a fake tan.


How to use:

Achieve your Fusion Tan GLO+ in no time with real results. APPLY & WEAR with confidence, This product should be applied with a Fusion Tan application mitt and dries almost instantly after application ready to wear. With minimal cosmetic, artificial bronzer or colour guide, there is less than 1% TRANSFER to clothing, bedding & materials with the ability to wear any attire almost immediately after application.

SHOWER IN JUST 2 HOURS for Natural results, leave longer for more colour depth. Never stress, our products DO NOT overdevelop, you will always look fabulous in Fusion. The lack of artificial bronzer makes sleeping in your tan enjoyable and hassle-free.


How to use:

  • Dark ash base provides Brazilian colour depth
  • Aniseed and caffeine-infused to reduce the signs of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Soft, velvet smooth light wear colour guide when applying
  • Less than 1% Transfer to clothing sheets or materials (sleep easy bronzer)
  • Instant dry & skin absorption after application
  • 1-hour tan development (real results in just 60 minutes)
  • 100% Australian-owned & made