Why does shaving affect my spray tan? 🧖‍♀️💦

By Brent Lattimore

If you shave after your tan you may notice it lighten in colour or turn crackly and dry causing it to last only a few days.

This is because shaving removes the outer layer of the skin that locks the moisture in.

This is why we always recommend to shave the day before your tan for best results, so when you are sprayed the pores are closed.

If you do have to shave on the day of your tan, turn the water cold at the end of your shower to help close the pores.🚿


Or you can just leave the shaving all together, we won't judge!🐩😉


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What Spray tan should I get over the Christmas holidays?

By Brent Lattimore

What Spray tan should I get over the Christmas holidays?

What Spray tan should I get over the Christmas holidays?


Summer is here and Christmas is fast approaching! The sun is out and it’s time to pull out those lilly white legs.

Whether you are travelling around New Zealand, or going to a tropical Island these holidays, no doubt your time will be spent in the sun, at the beach, or attending a summer festival.

So what tan is going to be best to uphold sand, beach water, or smoldering hot temperatures!

Our Holiday tan is water and sweat resistant, the perfect tan this season!

We have countless clients who have sworn by this tan for their tropical holidays.


 How long will it last you may wonder?

This comes down to your before and aftercare. You will want to shave and have a goo scrub the day before your spray tan and make sure you wear loose clothing to your appointment. No bra (to save strap lines occurring), slip on shoes and a loose dress would be best.

After your spray tan avoid water or any activity that could cause sweating or rubbing off of your tan until the recommended time to shower.

Keep your shower lukewarm and brief but make sure you remove the excess tan correctly. If you do not, you will notice streaks or patchiness. If this occurs, jump back in the shower and use your hands to rub the areas gently and use a little soap if needed.

When you wash the tan off it may appear quite light initially so keep in mind it may take 12-24hours for you to see the full colour results.


Aftercare to get long lasting results!

Keep your showers short, lukewarm and avoid shaving if you can. We have had clients report to us that this tan has lasted up to 2weeks! Results may vary depending on your skin and workout regime or skin care you may use.


This tan comes in light, medium and dark.


We hope you enjoy being a Bronzed Goddess this summer!


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